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Coaching Packages

Here at Bosco Verde we believe in developing the whole athlete to help you be the best athlete you can be. We believe that it is important to fundamentally look at the demands of your target event(s) & deliver a package of support to help you reach your goals. Your physical shape is vital to success but technical & tactical excellence is vital for any winning performance & we believe this is often overlooked. Most cyclists have experienced racing or training with athletes who are physically incredibly strong but still fail to win races due to other weaknesses. Your training package is bespoke to you, your goals & your strengths & weaknesses. We have a strong background of experience working with cyclists at World Tour & UCI Continental level on the road as well as at European, World & Olympic level on the track.

With Bosco Verde you are gaining access to world class coaching input, proven at the highest levels of the sport combined with a passion for performance. All of our packages have a £100 start up fee with individual plan details below.

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